cal bay

30 Years of Experience

Cal Bay Equipment has a large selection of pre-owned equipment for sale, as well as, providing the option of purchasing your used equipment. With more than 30 years of experience in operation, repair, and sales of equipment we are confident in our ability to fairly value used equipment in relation to current markets.

A Wide Variety of Tools

Ranging from hand-held air tools such as T-handle diggers and chipping guns, to Rammers and Viber-plates for concrete and asphalt patch up jobs, or portable generators, truck-mount air compressors, towable compressors, rollers, and skid-steers, we are here to meet your equipment needs as effectively as possible.

To get a complete list of pre-owned equipment that we currently have available in stock, or to inquire about the purchase of your used equipment, please contact us at (909)632-6800 or email us at